exofin® Micro


The same benefits of exofin® with more precision.

Ideal for small trauma induced injuries and single port incisions

Innovative silicone tip perfectly suited for precision application

Clear applicator allows user to see the adhesive prior to expression from tip

Same high viscosity formulation as full size exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive

25% more adhesive than Dermabond® Mini or Skin Affix®


Tighten the pre-assembled Applicator Tip onto the threaded tube in a clockwise direction until the applicator is tight and seated on the tube. The applicator will puncture the foil membrane on the tube once seated and adhesive will be allowed to flow.

While holding slightly downward but away from the patient, gently squeeze the tube from the bottom, moving the adhesive upward until it becomes visible through the applicator device.

Apply adhesive to the wound site by squeezing the aluminum tube gently and continuously in a back and forth motion while spreading over wound site.

Once adhesive has completely polymerized (non-tacky) you may cover the site with a secondary bandage. If a secondary bandage is used, DO NOT apply to the adhesive area until it is completely tack free. Applying while tacky may result in adhesive removal when removing secondary bandage and possibly dehiscence of the wound site.